please forgive our website, we have put a lot of work into this website over the years and recently our host server crashed or entire websites and they did not correct the problem for many, many weeks. When they finally corrected it our website looked, well it looks like this, a huge mess, and a couple months later they still have not offered to fix the damage they caused.

There are only a few of us on the board of our charity and I as the CEO have been dealing with major illnesses and surgeries over the course of the year, and our Vice President has been extremely busy with his work and personal issues..

We do not have a professional I.T. crew like so many other charities out there due to a lack of funding, and I am just starting to recover from major shoulder & arm surgery, so it will still be a short while before I am able to fix the website and make it a little bit easier to read and navigate..

I deeply regret that this issue exists as I strive to be diligent in my professional capacity as the CEO of the charity in making sure that everything is running smoothly, and again I just ask for your patience and your understanding.

Thank you from the bottom of the hearts of all of us here at America’s Warriors, for stopping by and taking the time to read about our mission, and to give thoughts to helping the brave men and women of our Armed Forces by donating to our charity.



the staff of America’s Warriors


Now that all of that has been said lol.

Welcome to America’s Warriors, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded to help provide protective equipment and other essentials to our military personnel.

We are very excited to finally have our website up and running, and we are looking forward to meeting and hearing from many of our Armed Forces personnel and their Civilian supporters. We would ask that you have patience as we are currently attempting a revamp of our web page a little bit at a time.

Our philosophy is as follows: We Believe

“No matter how we feel about the current administration or war, our troops, who are following their orders and fulfilling their oaths to our nation, should never be neglected or forgotten by the American People. 


As the first statement for our charity, America’s Warriors would like to send a huge thank you to all of the brave Men and Women that have served and still are serving our great country. The level of respect and gratitude that we have for you can in no way ever be fully expressed with our words, but we will try to make up for that in our efforts to help protect and support you. Mah Heavenly Father or whomever your higher power may be, walk by your side daily and help to keep you safe and bring you home to your loved ones.

At America’s Warriors our goal is to raise funds for protective eyewear and other essential items that our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines might need while overseas, especially when outside the wire and not close to a resupply station.

 We are also working to raise funds so that we can work with Veterans here at home in a therapeutic setting such as fishing trips, hunting trips and hopefully a joint venture with health practitioners on some sort of a retreat camp, that will focus on mental health services for our military personnel (as well as their immediate loved ones.)

we have heard from some people that other opportunities like this that are provided, do not focus on the family elements and many times the loved ones are not included and are simply left to struggle silently, and we would like to see healing happen for everyone involved such as the spouses, the children etc.

America’s Warriors has been able to proudly establish a purchasing discount with ESS, one of the main  manufacturers of protective eyewear for the military which is a very exciting achievement.

The main reason this was a huge accomplishment, is because our military personnel were and at times still are, having to replace their initial set of protective eyewear they receive at deployment, out of their own pocket if the glasses become damaged or lost.

This is not an attempt to discount or attack, the amazing job that the Supply Sgt’s. And the military does with taking care of their men and women, but from what we have been told by people we have spoken with overseas and at home after they have returned,it is a harsh reality that we have shortages in the field.

This can be a hardship for the soldiers as the glasses are a high value item, and now not only can we ship them overseas for free when we have raised funds to purchase the eyewear, but a service member themselves can purchase these from us at our  discounted rate if they are serving actively overseas or getting ready to deploy and would like to take an extra set with them, or perhaps even if they want to buy a pair to send to someone they know overseas.

We have also been able to establish a purchasing discount with the manufacturer of the chemical laced rags, which our soldiers use to keep sand from adhering to their rifles and possibly jamming them or making them completely unusable. We will be primarily ship these out with care packages as we can afford, but will also make them available at our purchase price to military personnel when when we have them in stock.

We are currently attempting to work out several more discount agreements and will post further news as it happens. We have also been attempting to add to our website,  photo’s of the equipment and a description of how it is used, this has been a bit challenging with the java security settings that our provider has, so please bear with us as we work on the website.<p>

We are also attempting to branch out into the field of helping soldiers with financial assistance for home repairs, bills etc. even though we are not quite there yet, we know with a bit of determination and lot’s of love for the men and women of the military, we will be able to help them at home soon. bands and as of 2014 have been trying to figure out a way to gain volunteers who would be willing to do services for Veterans that needed help with things such as having their lawn mowed, house painting, getting groceries, you get the idea. If anyone reading this has any desire to volunteer with our charity we would certainly welcome the opportunity to work with you 🙂

Originally, our website consisted of a simple MySpace profile, but we ultimately felt that it was highly important to have a professional website that reflects our values and dedication. For those that would like to visit us on MySpace, we will still maintain our social networking presence there as we are able. We hope that while you are here, you will take the time to leave a message, and that you will forward our information to other people on the Internet who might be interested in helping us to succeed in protecting our soldiers.

If anybody reading this has web design experience, or social networking experience and would like to volunteer with helping us reach the masses and maintain the communication on our pages we would love to chat with you)

We would like to put a financial plea out there, as charities’ simply cannot function without financial contributions from you fine folks in the community. Our charity has less than a couple hundred dollars in the bank as of the 130th of November 2014, we have several pairs of protective glasses that we would like to ship overseas for Christmas, but we do not have the money to fill them completely and pay the shipping..if you would prefer to make a donation that would be used for a Veteran here at home you could do that as well.  We would just ask that you send us a note with your donation in the special instructions of the Donate Now page, so that we can use those funds in the appropriate manner.

If you would like to donate please click the Donate Now button at the bottom of this page and know that your money will be helping to brighten the faces of some very hard working Men and Women of the United States Military who cannot be at home with their loved ones this holiday season.

We are also willing to accept care package items if you would prefer to give care package items rather than money, so please just let us know if you would prefer to ship items to us. Or if you are located in the metropolitan area of Portland Oregon, contact us to arrange a pickup and we will gladly try to work with you (Please click on our care package items link for a detailed list of items that you could send a grateful Service-Member, and give them a little taste of home.)

Thank you so much for your help and your contribution, and again we are always looking for people who might want to volunteer with us so please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you 🙂

( Please note that we will not be asking for sensitive information such as bank account numbers or social security numbers in order to determine eligibility. This is to help ensure that no military personnel’s private information fall’s into the wrong hands.)

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  1. Its always good to see that people are trying to keep the guys over in Iraq safe, Im sure they appreciate the help, I know I did when I was over there.

    -Clint Taylor
    USMC Vet (OIF2/3)

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