Hello everyone-

 Well I apologize for the delays in posting since the departure of our soldiers on the 2nd, May, 2009. I have been working over-time and have been at a medical facility with my daughter doing some brain exams and it has all been very exhausting.

 I was hoping to have many pictures of the departure ceremony for those of you who find your way to our website, unfortunately I ended up being stuck on Grand Ave. trying to control a 3-way intersection by myself, until a gentleman from The Patriot Guard Riders, happened upon me and blocked a lane with his escort truck. To Noah I am very grateful for his help.

 As a result I missed the ceremony, but I was able to meet up with several soldiers and get my information to them. I was also able to speak with some high ranking folks who passed along my information, and as a result I was just invited to some meeting involving Congressional and Senate Reps. which is absolutely awesome. I am hoping that this will be the break we need to get some financing to our charity and really be able to open up the doors to helping our troops.

 I have a person getting the name of the photographer who was present for the ceremony, and when that happens I will try to get some pictures for the website, as for now I only have the pictures of  Gabrielle getting a soldiers autograph and Gabrielle standing with a group of departing solders. They are great pictures however so please enjoy them. I am asking however that our pictures not be copied and/or redistributed in any way, shape, or form without my prior approval. This is something that I feel must be mentioned due to previous concerns with an not so nice individual I hope you all understand.

 Well when I have more news after my meeting, I will come back and post more for everyone. We would love to get more comments on here so please feel free to leave them, and if you can leave your name, rank and what you are currently doing that would be great (specific location not required of course)

 take care and may all of you walk a safe and protected path. 

  warm regards,


 Brandon Kent

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