Apparently when I declined to purchase the web address along with our .org that was a mistake.

 I have received some emails from folks concerned about a gentleman from Las Vegas who is apparently collecting money as a soldier for other soldiers, but there is no contact information for this individual on the site. There is a simple blurb and then a link to donate money. We have zero association with the following website What is also interesting, is that sometimes when you type  the  name of the charity, it will not  bring the site up so I am a bit puzzled.

When I looked up the address through the ICANN registry, this website was apparently put up towards the end of last year, after we started makng our many military contacts. It is our sincere hope that this was not done in an attempt to deceive honest people looking for our site. We are left wondering about that however as the registered owner of the site, does not appear to be the same person who has his picture and name on the website.

 We will do a bit more digging, and I do plan to call some folks to help me look into this, but I cannot do anything about the .com usage. I can only wish that at the time I purchased our website, we had been able to afford to purchase the .com but alas our funding is nothing when compared to the larger charities.

 Please make sure that you tell your friends or associates, that our website ends with .org so they come to the correct website, and always double check your sources when you land on a webpage.

 Take care evryone,


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