America’s Warriors is a 501 (c)(3) charity, that started out as a small town fund raiser to help send needed equipment over-seas to our troops.

This occurred after a local resident by the name of Brandon Kent, had spoken to a friend serving over-seas  and found that the soldiers were still having to replace protective eye-wear out of their own pocket.

Brandon then proceeded to establish a discount arrangement with one of the equipment suppliers for our Troops.





After a local fund raiser which was spear-headed by Brandon and his daughter Gabrielle crashed and burned, these two were inspired to use their own money to petition the IRS for a 501 status and other start-up expenses.

What was different about this situation than most of the other charities origination’s, is that Gabrielle is only 5-years-old and it was her coming to her father and saying that she did not need or want anything for Christmas, and that she wanted to help the soldiers with the family’s holiday funds, that ultimately got the ball rolling.

With those compassionate and unselfish words, Brandon was convinced that they should file with the IRS the next day, and the first hint of life was breathed into what would ultimately become known as America’s Warriors.

After reading so many newspaper articles that always referred to America and her warriors, and hearing other Service-Members use this term, it simply seemed the most logical choice for a name.

To date, the charity is very small, but is full of spirit. Brandon having passed by his own opportunity to serve in the Armed Forces “regrettably”, has found that with every day that passes by, he becomes more and more focused on helping those Troops who are serving now, and the Veterans that so honorably served our Nation.


We have established purchasing discounts with oneof the main suppliers of protective eye-wear to the U.S. Military, and hopefully with the right financial growth, we will be able to purchase and distribute many sets of this primary protective equipment.

We are also hoping to expand and  help those Service-Members and their family’s, who have already served and are still serving, with various types of assistance, E.G. bills, home care, ect.

Even though we are not quite there yet, we know with a bit of determination and lot’s of love for the men and women of the military shown by our communities, we will also be able to help them at home soon.

The core belief of the charity is as follows:

“No matter what the mood is towards the current administration at the time of war,or what our thoughts might be towards the current mission that the soldiers are on, our troops who are following their orders and fulfilling their oaths to our nation, should never be neglected or forgotten by the people of America.”

We have great hopes for the charity and our plans to help as many military members as possible. We have not made a lot of headway in gaining monetary support, and we could use any help that you might be able to give.

We need care package items that can be shipped out with our gear, and of course you are more than welcome to include letters of support to our Troops ( we have a care package list you can read in our links)

Your word of mouth is also highly valued and needed, so if our page pulls at your heart strings then please, go shout out loud to your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and family about us.

Together, I know that we could make huge strides in helping our military to feel more respected and loved, which is something that I believe all of them have earned with their service in the United States Military.

If there are any Military Members past or present reading this, thank you so much for the Liberty’s and the Freedom that your sacrifices provide my Daughter and me with. We can never do enough to fully thank all of you, but we will do our best to serve you, just as you have and still are, serving us.

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