This is a quick page to outline some dreams and aspirations that America’s Warriors would like to see happen within the charity so that we can better serve  both active and veteran service-members.

#1. To procure enough financing so that we can order an excess of said equipment and supplies we have a purchasing discount for, that way we can have it on hand to distribute as the need arises.

#2. We would like to evolve financially to the point that we can help with basic items for our vetereans *including our homeless veterans* Rental Assistance, Utility Assistance, Home and Auto Repair, Food Assistance, Job Search assistance such as resume help, interview clothes etc.

#3. We have long desired to build some sort of camp where not only our wounded veterans, but also any veteran who has served, can come and enjoy time with their family members and other’s who have been through the same trials, while either recuperating from their injuries, or just trying to get away from the general public when attempting to re-integrate from their active duty back into their community.  This is a huge dream and it will take a lot of money to see this happen, so right now it is way back on the burner. However we believe that at some point we will meet the right people with the right finances, who share our desire to give the best, to those folks who have written a blank check for our country.

#4. We would like to be be able to get financially strong enough to open a small Office/Store to sell items that will help fund our charity for future projects. At this time 11-26-10 we still do not have an official office, or fancy equipment as we do not have the overhead to pay for those types of luxuries. A store would be a great way to not only help us build up, but it would also help us make enough profit to send out general care packages, and set up other veteran services that we may see a need for..

We have many other plans that we would like to implement, however these are some of the items that we would like to see present themselves as a success first, then we can move onto more projects as our funding increases.

If anyone out there would like to help us financially we would be most appreciative of any help. We hope that the website *even with the glitches it is still having* has been nice to look at and review, and we hope that even if you do not donate to our organization, you will find the time to at least thank a Veteran for their sacrifices. After all, sometimes a simple thank you and a hug is all a veteran really needs to feel appreciated for all that they have sacrificed for this great country of ours.

Best regards from all of us here at America’s Warriors.

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