The ESS lenses below are the primary protective glasses and goggles that our troops are currently using in combat, including at the bottom, fan ventilated goggles that our Special Forces use, which seriously rock.

    Issue configuration of the equipment ranges from $70 to $100+
We will continue to  post and rotate pictures of new gear as ESS continues to improve on their already impressive array of protective equipment that not only do our Troops love, but also have a long, proven record of helping save our Service-Memebers from suffering disasterous injuires to their faces.

As stated before, we are currently working with the one of the largest and oldest U.S. Military supplier’s of protective eye-wear ESS. Feel confident that you will be helping to purchase the BEST eye-wear out there, and not some other cheap unit that could fail a Marine or Soldier at the most critical moment.

Just check out some of their testimonials WOW…

     ice                  ESS                         ESS MAX     ESS Goggle ESS Goggle2  ESS Goggle3

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