We were very pleased to take supplies to the Fisher House and the Task Force Phoenix (Warrior Transition Battalion.)

Although we were unable to sit and speak with folks from the Fisher House as they were getting ready for their big valentines Day party, we did have the pleasure of meeting with several of our wounded Soldiers from the W.T.B. some of whom,  were in fact my neighbors here at home *two thumbs up*

I cannot say how much it warmed our hearts to sit down and speak with these brave people who had been hurt and had their lives changed so dramatically, all because they were trying to help keep people like my daughter and I safe from the people in this world that would seek to cause us harm. It was a truly humbling experience to meet these people face to face and hear what they have had to go through for our benefit, and the benefit of our fellow Compatriots.

I hope that you enjoy the pictures below and I apologize for not having more. The person taking photo’s for us broke his camera right at the end of the visit, and I had only taken 1 or 2 shots with my camera.

delivery time
Supplies delivered.
Supplies for Ft. Lewis
Fisher House
Fisher House
The end of the day
End of the day, now off to Spokane…Lot’s of driving

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