ATTENTION: Before reading further below, please note that because of all the problems we keep experiencing with this website and the multiple crashes we suffered with GoDaddy,  our Facebook page is the place to get the most current information and to interact with us.

We apologize if this creates a hardship for those of you who do not use Facebook, however until we find a web designer who will donate their time to help us fix this website, we have decided that Facebook will be the best platform for our Communications.

As we are having issues getting a Facebook logo to upload here, directly below is a safe link you can use to follow us on Facebook. Thank you for your understanding and your patience, please bear in mind you do not have to have a Facebook page to see what we are doing.

 Thank you for stopping by and showing your support for our charity, and ultimately, the Service-Members we strive to support.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

We believe: “No matter how we feel about the current administration or war, our Servicemembers, who are following their orders and fulfilling their oaths to our Nation, should never be neglected or forgotten by the American People.”

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Great organization. We need to look after our troops. You might want to look into the Sweat GUTR. I have talked to them, and they are willing to sell them at cost.

  2. I wanted to take a moment to thank every one involved with this great organization.
    Last month I received a couple of boxes of sunglasses and goggles for my Marines. At that point they had been on numerous patrols, and the Afghanistan environment had taken it’s toll on their eye-wear.
    Fortuitously, when we returned to base, the boxes were there and I was able to re-issue on the spot. Thanks again for your patriotism and support.

    LtCol Kirk Cordova, USMC
    Commanding Officer, 2D Combat Engineer Battalion (C-IED)
    Marine Expeditionary Brigade Afghanistan (MEB-A)
    Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan

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